Dentist Abroad - Croatia Dental Travel Package

Dental travel package includes accommodation in town of Punat and booking of initial dentist appointment for dental checkup and free teeth scaling treatment. Accommodation is provided in one of  apartments which are in the walking distance of the Matanić dentist surgery. Enjoy your Krk holiday break and at the same time solve your dental problems at much lower dental prices.

What if I need longer stay as a result of dental checkup?

Should you find out during your free dental checkup that you require some work done and therefore require a longer stay, then we are able to arrange for the extension of your accommodation whilst you are at Krk Island.

Booking your dental holiday - what would be useful to know

If you already know you need some dental work done, it would be useful if you would let us know the information listed below, which will be passed to the dental surgery. Dental Surgery Matanic will then provide you with a dental treatment plan, its approximate costs and will advise you on most likely length of your stay that would be needed. In this case you can have the length of your dental accommodation package taylor-made for you.

  • The year of birth
  • Dental problem(s) you would like treated
  • Your general medical condition
  • Any other dental treatment you might be considering

If you have a Panoramic x-ray which shows a broad view of the jaws, teeth and sinuses that you could email us then the surgery could be even more exact with recommended treatment and proposed length of stay.

Many patients are foreign nationals to whom surgery Matanic was recommended because of its good reputation. They leave happy because they were provided with a professional service where top quality materials were used and all this at much lower prices than for example in Italy, Germany and other countries of Western Europe.

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