Why choose Dental Matanic?

LONG FAMILY TRADITION - Matanic surgeries have a 30 years long tradition during which we acquired knowledge, skills and experience that are now a guarantee of high quality service we provide.

PROFESSIONALISM - the relationship with the patient and the attitude towards his problem must be professional. There can be no exceptions. It is an issue of high responsibility that you can count on in our office.

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH - each patient is unique, and there are no two identical cases. Based on diagnostic analysis we identifiy the problem and suggest the optimal solution to it. In a relaxed thorough conversation with the patient we discover his desires and needs, and then choose optimal therapy.

TOP SERVICE AT THE BEST PRICE - we guarantee the lowest prices for high quality service we provide. We use high quality, certified materials and equipment of worldwide manufacturers.Prices are 40-70% lower than the prices of services in Italy, Switzerland, Germany. It is an opportunity you can't miss!

A PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT - Matanic office is located in the picturesque village of Punat, outside the city noise and crowds, and the same relaxed  atmosphere you can find in our offices. Listening to slow, relaxing music and enjoying plaesureable atmosphere, the patients promptly relax.