We offer a vast specter of services by taking in consideration that oral health does not mean only healthy teeth but complete stomatognatic system; gingiva, neural muscles, gingival mucosa…

The first visit is very important. Our goal is a good contact with the patient and finding the right individual therapy.The first visit is free of charge!

Preventive and conservative stomatology

Preventive visits are very important in order to see the sick tooth or gingive and to be able to react on time.

Endodontic therapy

This type of therapy has to be treated with maximum attention. During the roots treatment it is very important to obtain the maximum sterilizated area in order to have the necessary criteria for a successful treatment.

We use manual or mecchanic treatment for root canals. The quality of the  instruments that we use is very high.


Healthy and functional supportive bone of teeth is very important. DO NOT IGNORE GINGIVAL HAEMORRHAGHE!!!

The number of this type of deseas is rising. If detected on time, with collaboration of the patient and the correct oral hygiene, it is possible to obtain an excellent result.

The most important thing is to know how to have the correct oral hygiene and the right brushing technique!!

Dental surgery

When in need of dental implantation or apicoectomy, we collaborate with a great dental surgeon.

By using dental implants it is possible to resolve problems of missing teeth and to establish the functionality of the neural system.

We have decided to use the Bredent implantation system from Germany. Its quality guarantees a successful therapy for our patients..

The procedure of dental implantation has two phases.

The first phase consists in a painless prcedure. After that it is necessary to wait for 3-6 months in order to finish the osseointegration procedure and to assure that the implant will be able to support the neural weight.

In the second phase we position the crown on the implant that is in the bone.

Dental prosthesis

Our goal is to have a minimal number of prosthesic therapies and that means to  KEEP OUR TEETH HEALTHY.

When there are very damaged teeht ot one or more of them are missing, it is possible to resolve these problems with different prosthesic solutions.

We will find the best solution for You also by collaborating with great dental laboratories.

Fixed prosthodontics -  Metal ceramic crowns and bridges, Zirkonium ceramic and bridges, porcelain crowns.

Dentures - complete dentures

Partial dentures wironit (Bredent  ettechment system)

Combinations of fixed and removable dentures.

Prosthetic solutions on the implants.